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Fishing in Cuba

Cuba is every anglers dream and I am Iceland turns your dream into reality. We have been fishing in Cuba for over ten years and this is truly a fly-fishing paradise. With amazing variety of fish and stunning scenery, fishing in Cuba is something every angler has to try once! With the fantastic food Cuba offers and sublime accommodation, the only way to top this is to add a home made Cubra Libre and a cigar!

I am Iceland takes care of you every step of the way. We book your hotels, flights, transfer, accommodation or additional sightseeing in Havana. We simply make sure you will enjoy Cuba without worrying about a thing.

Interested in the adventure of a lifetime? Send us an email for further details.



Fly fishing in Argentina

Argentina is one of our favorite places to fish and we offer trips to the Lovely Tecka Lodge in Patagonia and to the Tierra Del Fuego province in the south of Argentina.

The most important thing when fishing in Argentina is to be well prepared for the trip and that is exactly our specialty. We prepare your trip in detail and book flights, accommodation, transport and make sure you have everything you might need. The only thing we can´t promise is a fish on the line but there is a 99% chance you will catch something. Whether you want numbers or size, we will take you to the right spot.

Drop us a line if you are interested in a truly amazing experience.



Fly fishing in Iceland.

Iceland is our home turf and we know all the best fishing spots. You have the option of going for the Atlantic salmon, Arctic char or Brown trout. We have sole access to the very finest lodges with stunning cuisine and accommodation. The rivers and lakes we fish in give you the opportunity to catch a wild fish on a fly in Iceland’s magical nature.

Our guides have years of experience and deep knowledge of our country, giving you the chance to enjoy Iceland to the fullest during your stay.

We have something for everybody and whether you are on a quiet trip with your spouse or have the whole family with you, we tailor to your needs and make your stay unforgettable.

Drop us a line if you want to experience the best of Icelandic fly fishing.


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