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Salmon fishing season in Iceland has started


It goes with out saying that hundreds of our followers have been waiting with great anticipation for news from our salmon rivers here in Iceland. Now with nearly 2 weeks from the first rivers opened with good success we have a new river opening up nearly every day. In a quick look this morning for numbers it looks to me that the season start is one of the strongest since 2003.! Not that it´s judgmental for the upcoming season it gives us locals a bright hope and optimistic work ethics into the summer. As always there is a weekly list given out by the local Angling society and I copy a link to it here for you to enjoy. If you haven´t booked in your fishing vacation for this summer yet then stop being silly, contact me now, info@iamiceland.is I am Axelo, & I am Iceland..! Your local Outfitter.. Thank you & have a great weekend.. http://angling.is/en/catch-statistics/

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