Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are highly skilled in their respective fields.

Our Cordon Bleu trained chef brings a level of culinary expertise to our tours, while our guides, drivers, photographers, and filmmakers have years of experience showcasing the beauty of Iceland.

We offer a range of luxury and lifestyle tours that are tailored to your specific needs and interests.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxed, leisurely vacation or an action-packed adventure, we have a tour option that will suit your preferences.

Our tours offer the perfect balance of adventure and comfort.

We’ll take you on exciting excursions to see the natural wonders of Iceland, but we also make sure you have comfortable accommodations and ample opportunities to relax and unwind.

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We have a deep love and appreciation for Iceland and its history, culture, and natural beauty, and we want to share that with our clients.

Our tours are designed to give you an authentic, local perspective on Iceland, so you can truly get to know and appreciate this amazing country.

We are committed to sustainable tourism and preserving the natural beauty of Iceland for future generations.

We work with local partners and follow eco-friendly practices to ensure that we have a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

We offer a variety of tour options, including longer journeys and quick one-day trips from Reykjavík.

Whether you have a week to explore or just a few days, we have a tour option that will fit your schedule.

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We have been in business for over 10 years and are always available to answer any questions and help you plan the perfect trip to Iceland.

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An Exceptional Private Tour with I am Iceland – My Own Gourmet Golden Circle

I recently had the pleasure of going on I am Iceland’s My Own Gourmet Golden Circle tour with my partner while visiting from the United States. Our tour guide, Axel, was an absolute gem and made the whole experience so much fun. The private tour allowed us to customize our pickup time and itinerary, and the comfortable 4×4 Superjeep with monster tires made for a smooth ride.

But the real highlight was the gourmet picnic featuring authentic Icelandic delights – it was such a special touch that made the day even more memorable. And if you’re feeling adventurous, there are so many add-on options like snowmobiling and lobster dinners that truly elevate the tour.

I highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Iceland – it’s the perfect blend of adventure and comfort, and you won’t be disappointed. Five stars for I am Iceland and Axel! Thank you for showing us the beauty of your country. – Sarah from the United States

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