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I am Axel Óskarsson, also known as Axelo or the Viking, and I am the owner and creator of I am Iceland. As a boy, I had the privilege of touring Iceland with my parents. They showed me all the typical tourist destinations, but more than that, they also took me to unique destinations off the typical tourist route, giving me a great passion and love for my country. My parents also taught me about my Viking heritage and their legacy in Iceland, which I have tried to carry on as a modern Icelandic Viking!

I am a Cordon Bleu trained chef and trained at the Icelandair hotel in Reykjavik. After my time at the Icelandair hotel, I started my own restaurant and catering service in Reykjavik with great success but nature kept pulling me away, so I sold the business to focus on my dream of creating amazing taylor made trips in Iceland. Over the next few years I worked for several tour operators, giving me a chance to get to know Iceland even better before setting up my own business and providing luxury tours in Iceland.

I am Iceland works with an extensive consortium of guides, chefs, drivers, photographers, filmmakers, and others, depending on what you need to make your trip with us unforgettable.

Our partners all have years of experience, giving you a chance to get to know Iceland in a unique way and experience nature in a way you won't be able to anywhere else.

So, if you are looking for luxury and leisure, salmon fishing or trout, photography, culinary interest, history and heritage or just want to experience the beauty of Iceland, get in touch – I am Iceland is here to make sure your trip to Iceland is a once in a lifetime experience.

Your trip

I am Iceland offers exceptional tours unlike anything else. Adventure and comfort go hand in hand in our luxury and lifestyle tours, designed to cater to your specific needs and interests. We show you the very best of what Iceland has to offer, whether you want to take longer journeys with us or just a one day trip into nature from Reykjavik.

We offer phenomenal hotels, five star private lodges, comfortable transport, stunning cuisine, world-class river fishing, helicopter rides and that little bit extra you just can't put your finger on. If your choice of travel is luxury and high quality - I am Iceland is your one stop shop!

If you’re at a loose end, our experienced team can also recommend their favorite spots in Iceland and set up an exclusive tour you will never forget. We will tell you the stories and legends attached to every sight you visit and take you to places you only thought existed in fairy tales.

Curious? Send us an email at axelo@iamiceland.com and let us plan your dream vacation in Iceland.


I am Iceland works with the highest quality of hotel accommodation and lodges available. From high-end hotels and lodges to the local farmhouse, we can provide you the comfort you desire along with astonishing cuisine.

Email us and allow us to recommend our taylor made options to you.

I am Iceland provides spectacular fly fishing for Atlantic salmon, brown trout and the arctic char. We stay in cozy, luxurious lodges oozing charm, enjoy high quality cuisine and I am Iceland takes care of everything you need during your stay so you can focus on the fishing.

We offer fishing trips in Iceland, Cuba and Argentina. Click here for more info.

Team I am Iceland provides luxury vehicles for your vacation in Iceland and we secure your comfort from the very first minute you arrive to the the very last. Whether you are looking for a luxury sedan, an SUV or an off road vehicle for use in rough environments, we got it. All our transport has Wi-Fi, all modern conveniences and if we don't have what you are looking for, we will simply go out and get it.

We provide high quality photography tours along with special Northern Lights tours with our sister company, Portfolios in a Week. We offer a tour for experienced photographers that gives them enough photographic experience in a week to create a portfolio for Iceland, hence the name! All you have to worry about is the camera, we will take care of the rest.

Please visit Portfolios in a Week for more information or drop us a line

Experience Iceland with us


I had the pleasure of discovering Iceland with Axel Oscarsson of I am Iceland. The attention to detail was perfect, Axel knows his country well and was constantly providing us with the most picturesque scenery, detailed history, and witty charm. Iceland is a wonderful country filled with rainbows, waterfalls, horses and majestic natural beauty, but seeing it with Axel's passionate flare is the BEST.

Donna Cullen

Personal trainer

In August 2015, my wife and I will be taking our fifth trip with Axel Oskarsson and 'I am Iceland'. This will be our fourth trip with a group of 8+ people, seeing the best of Iceland, staying in the nicest hotels, and enjoying the best cuisine in Iceland. Axel knows his country so well. He has been in the hospitality industry well over 15 years. He seems to know everyone in every town, every nook, and every cranny in Iceland. A trip with Axel and 'I am Iceland' will be memorable and a great time. I can't wait to get back to Iceland!

Dan Greenberg

Ferguslea Properties Limited

I have been fortunate enough to have been on two tours of Iceland with Axel Oskarsson. During both of those tours, he was an amazing guide. He was able to get us to some amazing locations for both photography and fishing. He adapted our schedule based on weather and requests, and all of the guests were very happy with the results. I can recommend him without hesitation.

Jamie Johnson

Founding Partner
RKIL - Workflow Improvement

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