The Hellulaug Hot Spring in Iceland is a natural geothermal pool located in the Westfjords of Iceland, known for its stunning views of the ocean and Vatnsfjörður fjord. The temperature of the pool is around 100°F (38°C) making it perfect for bathing and swimming. The pool is around 60 cm deep and 3 to 4 meters in diameter. To access the pool, you need to go down a small cliff via a small parking lot. The pool is relatively recently discovered and is still off the tourist radar, making it a secluded and peaceful spot to enjoy.


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The Hellulaug Hot Spring is located close to the beach in Vatnsfjörður, in the Westfjords of Iceland. It can be accessed by taking the Ring Road northbound from Reykjavik, and then turning left onto Road 60, also known as Vestfjarðavegur. This road will take you straight to the hot spring. The road is partially graveled, so it is important to drive with caution while enjoying the beautiful landscapes along the way.

The Hellulaug Hot Spring offers a secluded and peaceful spot to enjoy, due to its free entry and less well-known location. Located by the seaside with a view of the ocean and Vatnsfjörður fjord, visitors can leave money in a canister near the parking lot to contribute to the maintenance of the pool and surrounding area. The pool is regularly cleaned and maintained to meet quality standards. There are no private changing facilities, so it is recommended to change clothes in your car or wear them underneath. The weather in the area can be cold, so bring extra clothes and essentials such as towels, food, and hot drinks.



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