Brimketill is a unique pool in the sea shore west of Staðarberg, near Grindavík. On sunny days, the rock formation resembles a hot pot. Brimketill and the nearby pools formed due to constant erosion from the ocean waves against the cliffs. Over time, the constant impact has shaped the basalt cliffs into pools and pots. The ocean has a significant effect on the land formation in Reykjanes. By observing the waves crashing against the cliffs near Brimketill, one can see the power of the North Atlantic Ocean. The ocean pushes air into cracks and crevices in the rocks, causing pressure. When the ocean recedes, the air is pulled with it, creating a vacuum. This process slowly breaks down the rock. This process is further accelerated by earthquakes, which cause rock fragments to fall into the ocean, as well as by frost weathering and sand blasting. The terrain around Brimketill is rough, with deep crevices and high cliffs. It is believed to have formed during the volcanic eruptions in Reykjanes in 1210-1240. A folklore tale mentions Oddný, a night troll who lived in Háleyjabunga, just west of Brimketill, along with her husband Hróar and their son Sölvi. One night, Oddný went to Ræningjasker, just east of Brimketill, to catch a whale that had washed up on shore. On her way back, she rested and bathed in Brimketill. When she started to return home, she did not get far before sunrise. She turned to stone and was seen as a tall rock formation until the ocean eventually broke him down. Brimketill is therefore also called Oddnýjar Pool, after the night troll. Safety Information: The area is unsupervised. Visitors are responsible for their own safety. The currents can be unpredictable and unexpected. The ocean currents are extremely strong. Strong winds can be dangerous and unpredictable. If you are traveling with children, never let them out of your sight. It is life-threatening to enter the ocean.